Dallas Fuel System Service Company | Automated Fuel Technologies Complete Dallas Emergency Fuel System Maintenance, Update, & Repair Services

At Automated Fuel Technologies, your fuel system operation, reliability and safety is without a doubt our personal priority. You can expect total Fuel System Controls and Maintenance solutions from our Dallas Fuel System Repair Service; our service is guaranteed and hassle-free. We are an established small business - serving many happy customers all across the Metroplex and beyond.

We're distinctive for the reason that there are no other companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that offer the same services we offer for strictly fuel system repairs, maintenance and upgrades. We also have over 50 years experience in our industry and that experience is available to call on if the need should arise. With many Dallas area Fuel System concerns, following our thorough up front service we are able to sustain management of fuel system problems with a large quantity of products to which you can be exposed. We can easily deliver quick service in the event of an emergency and schedule fuel system services on a regular basis to maintain your equipment to reduce down time in the event of a future fuel system emergency. We are not a generator service company or a fuel supplier, but we do bridge the gap between the two companies. Your generator service technician is a great resource for generator repairs, but they don't understand some of the complex fuel control systems in place to keep those generators online. Your fuel supplier is also a great resource, but they don't work on fuel systems at all, they just deliver the fuel and send you an invoice.

Some of the fuel system tank monitors and components we service include Pneumercator Fuel Tank Monitor Systems, Veeder Root Fuel Tank Monitor Systems, Incon Fuel Tank Monitor Systems, OPW Fuel Tank Monitor Systems, OMNTEC Fuel Tank Monitor Systems and a host of other Fuel and Oil Tank Monitors across the country. We also service fuel control and storage systems including Simplex Day Tanks, Pryco Day Tanks, ISP Fuel Systems Controls, Howman Control Systems, Tramont Day Tanks, Earth Safe Fuel Systems, Lube Cube Tanks, Highland Tanks, Modern Welding Tanks, Cougar Fuel Systems and a host of many other brands. As you may presume, we also provide services for several other Fuel System Components, Fuel Tanks, Oil Tanks, Fuel Control Systems, Emergency Power Fuel Controls and Generator Fuel Systems & Controls around the Dallas area, among them that all-important Dallas Fuel Maintenance! Whatever your specific Dallas Fuel System issue might be, our trained experts will always make the proper recommendation for your personal situation.

SECURITY - Automated Fuel Technologies is a state licensed and insured Dallas Fuel System Service Company and Dallas Fuel System Installer for your protection. Jerry Gray, General Manager of Automated Fuel also carries his TCEQ Class A & B license for Texas and a UST Installer license for Oklahoma. We also require all of our technicians to pass a criminal background check and drug test to be employed by Automated Fuel. If you have any questions about our company, our team, what we service or how we can help you with anything related to Fuel System Maintenance and Controls, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to providing all of your Dallas Fuel System Services!