Central Texas Data Center - Fuel System Controls
While we mostly remain in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex there are many projects that we will consider in other areas of the state. This a sizable data center located in Central Texas. This project includes (4) 30,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks, (12) 400 gallon day tanks, a fuel maintenance/polishing system, and a control system that is fully automated. This system also includes more than a few miles of above ground welded steel piping to feed all of the day tanks, a control system with redundant pumping and valve systems to maintain fuel flow to all day tanks in the event of any other system failure. The fuel polishing system is completely independent from the main tank pumping system which allows it to run without affecting day tank levels or generator performance.

Remote Fill for Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank with Overfill Alarm
These little fill boxes can be found all over the city at various locations as a means of filling a single aboveground tank. No need to climb a ladder to fill the tank and no need for electrical power when you install a battery powered Overfill Alarm. This simple system works great at small facilities or remote generator locations. Not shown in this picture, there is also another battery powered high level tank alarm for added protection. If you're curious about this inexpensive solution, give us a call.

DFW Area Generator Fuel Supply System
This project has two (2) 20,000 gallon above ground fuel storage tanks with new redundant supply pumping systems and an automated fuel control system to regulate flow to and from the selected supply tank. There is also a new fuel fill station and a new fuel polishing system that is completely independent from the main supply pumping system.

DFW Area Generator Fuel System and Fill Station
At this local, medium size, facility you will see (2) 12,000 Gallon Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks that supply fuel to (6) 300 Gallon Day Tanks. This system consists of an Automated Fuel Control System that supplies fuel to each Day Tank as needed, a Fuel Filtration System that operates on a timer to automatically polish the as the owner see fit and an Automatic Fill Station to fill the main tanks when the owner requires more fuel. We can provide filter changes as needed, make repairs to almost anything within this system and test the system for functionality on a regular basis.

Fuel Storage Tank Monitor Systems
I have installed, programmed, repaired, and upgraded many types of Tank Monitor Systems throughout Texas and Oklahoma including systems made by EBW, Hershey, INCON, OMNTEC, Pneumercator, Veeder Root and a host of others. Is your system operating properly, does it give you the reports you need, and have you verified that the system is still functioning as designed? We can help with these systems.

Condominium Tower - Dallas, Texas
As with many projects we encounter this one already had a fuel tank supplied with the generator. The problem was getting fuel to the tank that was located a few floors above street level. There is a new Simplex Automatic Fuel Port with high, low and leak alarms and a positive fuel shut-off incorporated into its design. Most large city fire inspectors require a system like this to prevent a possible overfill and spill situation with a tank that cannot be seen from the street level. It's good practice to keep your customer clear of any trouble with this type of system.

Out of State Projects
This Data Center project consists of (2) 30,000 Gallon Underground Fuel Storage Tanks, (4) Redundant fuel supply pumps, (4) Generator Day Tanks, a stand alone fuel polishing system and a Fully Automated Fuel Control System to maintain fuel levels in all the Day Tanks as well as monitor levels in the main tanks and all other aspects of the system. Is your facility team equipped with the knowledge to repair these systems? Did you know that we offer a Fuel System Preventative Maintenance Program for these systems?

Office Tower Generator Fuel Supply Tank
This 1000 Gallon Aboveground Tank supplies Fuel for the Office Tower's Emergency Generator. The generator supplies power for the buildings Emergency Lights and Elevators. In the event of a power loss at the building, the generator starts and runs from a Fuel Day Tank located inside the generator room and when that tank starts to get low on fuel, switches activate a fuel supply pump mounted on this tank to supply fuel until the Day Tank is satisfied. If the first pump fails, there is a second that starts and fills the Day Tank. This system also has a Fuel Filtration System mounted at the end of the tank that runs on a timer and helps keep the diesel fuel fresh. Systems like this are located all over the city.

North Central Texas Data Center Fuel System
There are many Data Centers popping up all around the area these days similar to this one with a large aggregate of fuel stored onsite for emergency power incase of a major power failure. This site consists of (4) 12,000 Gallon Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks, piping to existing Generator Belly Tanks, a Fuel Polishing System to maintain the quality of the fuel, a custom Automated Fuel Tank Fill Station and a Fully Automated Fuel Control System to keep the Generators running for a long period of time.

North Texas Data Center - Generator Fuel System
This is one of the largest systems of its kind in the area with (4) 20,000 Gallon Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks, (8) 200 Gallon Day Tanks, Redundant pumping, Redundant piping, an Automated Filtration System, a custom Automated Fill Station and a Redundant Control System to keep the generators running independently for many days under full load. You need someone you can trust that is familiar with these systems if you ever have a problem or just need regular maintenance.

North Texas Area ISD Bus Barn Fleet Fuel System
Many independent school district maintenance facilities have a system similar to what you see here. This system is comprised of one tank with dual storage compartments. One compartment holds 2,500 gallons of gasoline and the other compartment holds 3,500 gallons of diesel. Each compartment has its own submerged fuel pump that supplies fuel to a single, dual hose dispenser that dispenses gasoline from one hose and diesel from the other. This system has a remote fill box, mounted at ground level, for each fuel type for safe tank filling operation. A Veeder Root TLS 350 is also included to keep track of fuel levels, tank overfills and continuous tank monitoring as required by the state. As with most fuel systems of this kind there is a tank monitoring system that keeps track of all fuel levels, leaks and inventory reports.