Fuel Testing & Polishing

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Over the years fuel quality has been on the decline with regulations coming out of Washington.

Fuel quality at the turn of the 20th century wasn't much better than it is today, but it improved as time moved forward. By the middle of the century most vehicle fuel was at its peak (performance wise). As the latter part of the century moved in, fuel quality was on the decline as toxins and additives became harmful to man. Government regulations require us to use more renewable sources of fuel. These renewable sources are, in some cases, causing fuel to deteriorate much faster. Today our fuels attract water and are causing degradation to the systems we depend on every day. In the past few years we've seen many systems develop rust and corrosion inside the tanks and piping. This corrosion is causing pumps, valves, internal piping, among others things, to fail at a high rate of speed. If your system is not being maintained properly it is highly likely you will have system wide failures in the future. We can offer Fuel Quality Testing, Fuel System Treatment, and Fuel Polishing to help get a handle on these issues before the rust and corrosion causes major problems for you and your system.